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Que Models Pty Ltd (Que Models) is engaged by Talent/Models to be their representative within the industry and at no time is there an employer/employee relationship between Que Models and Talent/Models. As such in accordance with the Australian Taxation Office “Pay As You Go” (PAYG) Withholding Guidelines for performing Artists, Agents, Advertising Agencies and Advertisers, available at ATO website, see the Performing Artists & Withholding Requirements pages. The ‘end–user’ (Client) of Talent/Models is deemed to carry all obligations regarding PAYG tax deductions from Talent/Model fees and the payment of superannuation contributions applicable in accordance with current Superannuation Guarantee legislation.

Workers’ Compensation And Public Liability Insurances

It is the responsibility of the Client as ‘end-user’ of Talent/Models to ensure that it is adequately covered for Workers Compensation and Public Liability insurances that may arise as a result of the engagement of Talent/model services. Que Models does not and is in no way obligated to carry such insurances for Talent/Models.


Que Models will provide a quote for all Talent/Model rates separately. A minimum charge of three (3) hours applies to all bookings.

Lingerie, bras, panties, slips, pantyhose and all transparent loungewear and sleepwear are are charged at additional rates. Clients must specify the type of lingerie as Que Models must check with the Talent/Model before confirming the lingerie booking. All usage is to be negotiated separately as rates apply to shooting time only.

All gross Talent/Model fees are quoted exclusive of Statutory Superannuation Guarantee Contributions. Superannuation as the obligation of the end user should be factored into any budget as an additional cost on top of any Talent/Model fees quoted by Que Models.

There will be no extra charge for a shoot which finishes within twenty (20) minutes after the booked time. However an extra full hour will be charged for any work performed by Talent/Models in excess of twenty (20) minutes.


Holds must be released or confirmed twenty-four (24) hours / one (1) working day prior to booking. To confirm a job, the Client must sign and return a booking confirmation to Que Models.

Definite Bookings

All bookings are computed on an eight (8) consecutive hour day (inclusive of lunch break). Before 9:00 am after 5:30pm or after eight (8) consecutive hours, a rate of time and one half will be charged, unless other arrangements have been negotiated. Weekend and public holiday rates are to be negotiated separately.

Travel Time

Travel time will be quoted at the time of negotiating Talent/Model’s rate with Que Models.


Clients are responsible for Talent/Model’s meals on full day shoots and all bookings outside of the metropolitan area.

Preparation Time

Makeup, hair, fitting and rehearsal time will be charged at a negotiated fee.


Twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start of the booking, full fee will be charged. Cancellation of confirmed trips must be made one (1) week prior to the booking, else the full fee will be charged up to a maximum of three (3) days.

Weather Holds

First cancellation on weather check (if bad weather) – No Fee.

Second cancellation – Half Fee.

Third cancellation – Full Fee.

All cancellations are full fee if the same model is not rebooked.

Product Booking

All product bookings are subject to negotiation. No advertising, package, poster, billboard, point of sale, hanging banner, swing-tag, metrolite, package inserts, internet or use of Talent/Model’s name may be used without prior approval of Que Models.


Exclusivity is defined as the exclusive use of a Talent/Model’s services in association with a particular product brand at the exclusion of competing product brands. Exclusivity fees will be negotiated in these circumstances. It is the Client’s responsibility to verify, at the time of booking, whether the Talent/Model has previously performed services for any conflicting product brand.

If the Talent/Model advertises a product, she/he will be available for future competitor brands unless an exclusivity fee has been negotiated and received. It is the Client’s responsibility to check all product bookings with Que Models for conflicts.


The Photographer is not entitled to use any of the images she/he takes for any usage beyond that agreed. To this extent, the Photographer agrees to restrict use of his/her copyright and, if Que Model’s client is not a photographer, the Client is to draw these terms and conditions to the attention of the Photographer and obtain his/her agreement to them before the shoot commences.

Client Responsibility

Disclosure of extraordinary conditions or requirements is mandatory. The Client must notify Que Models of double, triple or group bookings. The Client must provide adequate dressing facilities on all bookings.

Code Of Conduct

In reference to underage Talent/Models for all forms of work – tests, submissions, editorials, fashion shows, videos, films and television commercials – Clients of Que Models are to adhere to the following terms: No topless or nude pictures are permitted. Que Models reserve the right to pull our Talent/Model from the shoot and still charge for service rendered. In case of shows, the Talent/Model(s) is (are) not permitted to appear on the catwalk wearing “nude” or see through garments. No pictures, videos or films depicting these models topless or nude will be permitted to enter the public domain. Any such deed will be in breach of this Agreement and will be deemed illegal. Underage models should not be offered alcohol or any form of drugs. Young Talent/Models should not be made to pose with male models in any sexual connotation.


Any cause for complaint should be reported to Que Models during the course of the booking or immediately thereafter.

Agency Service Fee

A 20% agency service fee will be charged and is payable on the total Talent/Model fee for all jobs.

Goods and Service Tax

Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be charged at the Government set rate (currently 10%) on the Agency Service Fee.

Payment Terms

It is the client’s responsibility to notify Que Models of any discrepancies upon receipt of the invoices. Full payment is required within 7 days of invoice date. Que Models reserves the right to turn over a client's unpaid account to a collection agent.